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Why thermoregulation works

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ThermoRegulation™ is based on Thermoregulation. It is the science of heating and cooling of the body. Our body burns continuously calories and as a results mits heat. This process can be altered by inner and other changes. The deviation of the temperature from the normal temperature of the body give a precise indications whether the processes in the body are functioning well or not. This is similare to any process depending depending on heat. 
Why thermoregulation works
  1. First we have to understand that in order for the body to function optimally, it continually strives to be in perfect balance 
  2. For this ongoing process, organs and glands play a vital role
  3. Organs and glands need the right amount of nutrients to function properly
  4. If the balance within the body is challenged, the body will show symptoms
  5. These symptoms are indicators of an illness caused by physical unbalance
  6. When the natural resistance (caused by lack of balance) in the body is challenged, the temperature of the body will drop or increase. The difference in body temperature reveals the cause of the symptoms.
  7. Since the body is a biotic (living) organism it recognizes and accepts minerals and other components deriving from biotic origin. Inorganic substances are not well received by the body and generated adverse effects
Conclusion: by measuring the temperature of the body on strategic places, it is possible to know what nutrients are lacking and causing unbalance and as result showing symptoms. By introducing the lacking nutrients in the form of Nano Molecular Nutrients via oils, the balance in the body and consequently its natural resistance is restored, allowing the body to fight the cause and heal itself in a natural and lasting way.  
Steps of Planet of Health treatment
Step 1: Checkup - 117 parameters
Step 2: Correlated reading of the test results
Step 3: Treatment - Nano Molecular Nutrient (oils) and diet