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Mr. Ljudo K from Ljubljana 

Pre treatment diagnosis
Mr. Ljudo K was diagnosed with by Dr. Tobedefined of Ljubljana. His testresults showed a diabetes of type 1.
Treatment and result
I am 54 years old and have done different kinds of work up till now. My personal life has been, so to say, average, with slight necessary adjustments now and then. Because I like to work, I often forgot to think about myself and my health.
This is why I had been struggling with diabetes for 24 years. At first the doctor prescribed me diabetes pills, and later also insulin. I was also 60 pounds overweight for my height.
I decided to visit Planet of Health in Ljubljana in the fall of 2004. They explained what was happening to my body, and I followed their advice. The results followed fast: I lost 53 pounds in 18 months and went from insulin injections back to pills for about three to four months, until I finally stopped taking those too.
One important change I had to adopt was a different diet. Now I eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink water. Also, I started exercising and changed my way of thinking. I feel as if I was born again. I am extremely grateful to the Planet of Health team for helping me change my way of thinking and showing me how to lead a healthy life. I know that I wouldn’t be able to do it without them. All I can say to those who haven’t been diagnosed with diabetes yet, and especially to all the diabetic patients, is: do something for your health.
The first step is always difficult, but it’ll be worth it, trust me.
Post treatment diagnosis
Mr. Ljudo K was diagnosed after the Planet of Health Treatment by Dr. Tobedefined of Ljubljana. According to his post treatment diagnosis Mr Ljudo K has 100% recovered from diabetes. He received no parallel treatment to thermoregulation.