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19.4.2012, 11:22
This document represents scientific medical explanation of the ‘Planet of Health’ Method. It is a product of thorough analysis of the effectiveness of the method, and links it to the latest medical knowledge.

To achieve this goal, a review has been conducted of over 700 related latest medical articles, most of them published within the last three years. In a way, this document summarizes the latest medical findings that are related to the Method ‘Planet of Health’.

At the introduction, we explain the basic principles upon which the POH Method is based. We express our observations on the problem of current diet and nutrition, and the way it leads to the so called ‘disease of affluence’. We also express the latest scientific findings about the nutrient-gene interaction and the new science of nutrigenomics. Furthermore, we proceed to make the case that the current consequence-based approach of conventional medicine has proven inefficient in terms of preventing disease from happening. Therefore, we strongly support preventive medicine as basic mean of protecting and maintaining human health. Proper nutrition is, therefore, central to the POH Method.

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