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10 points you should look after

100% natural
Whether you consider Planet of Health for regaining your health or another company,  make sure that following points are covered:

1. Make sure that the therapist issues a holistic analytical diagnosis before any treatment, in order to have received an accurate scientific assessment of the status of your body - read more 

2. Make sure that the therapist is able to methodologically understand the analysed results and directly correlate them to possible causes - read more 

3. Make sure that the company offering the treatment has a good reputation - read more 

4. Make sure that the methodology and treatment is scientifically sustainable - read more 

5. Make sure that only substances are used that don’t cause adverse effects - read more 

6. Make sure that positive results are immediate - read more 

7. Make sure that diagnosis is not based subjective interpretations of the therapists - read more 

8. Make sure that the analysis measures small variations to check progress and effectiveness in small time intervals - read more 

9. Make sure that not just one measurement is done but that the measurement measures a series of intervals during a time frame generating reliable average results - read more 

10. Make sure that progress is checked based on pre and post measurements - read more