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Oil 9

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Researchers have proven positive effects of Oil No. 9 in prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases.

Product Description

OIL no. 9

Certificate of Analysis


Main ingredients: calcium 48mg/kg, iron 9, 5 mg/kg, of iodine value no. 160-190, linolenic acid 18: 3 56%


Form: fluid, oil, cold pressed, unrefined, unfiltered, linseed oil


Recommended use: 3 times daily one of teaspoon


Packing: 100 ml


Number of units for a month of regural use: 2 bottles


Scientifically proven facts and a description of the product:


The consumption of Oil No. 9 may affect the production of eikozanoids, fastens the blood coagulation and amends other responses depending on the cell's membrane, it has anti-allergic effects and prevents the appearance of arteriosclerosis, also prevents disturbances of the heart rhythm (arrhythmia). Researchers have proven positive effects of Oil No. 9 in prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases.


On the basis of these findings, the researchers recommend the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids, which are present in the oil No. 9 for the primary and secondary prevention of arteriosclerosis. Omega-3 ALC in Oil 9 contributes to the prevention of aterogenesis and slower reproduction of cells thanks to its anti-inflammable effects. Consumption of Oil No. 9 may contribute to the prevention of ischaemic heart disease, as it helps to relax the arteries and prevents ventricular fibrillation. Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in the diet have positive impact on reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and to their prior states such as metabolic pathway syndrome.


The results of the research show great importance 18: 3 omega-3 MK in the prevention of resistance to insulin. Current recommendations for increased entry 18: 3 omega-3 MK to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease are useful also to prevent resistance to insulin in humans.

Oil no. 9 helps the work of kidneys if malfunctioning and soften the damages to the kidney's glomerula and has a positive effect on blood pressure, the level of fats in the blood, and the concentration of prostaglandins in the urine.


Place of activity:


Oil 9 encourages the functioning of the intestines, stomach, pancreas and duodenum. Energetic work of these organs is necessary for the proper functioning of the heart. Oil No. 9 contains a lot of potassium and magnesium bound to iodine. This is a unique binding in nature because the magnesium hardly binds to iodine. Potassium with iodine is a natural cure for the intestines and heart. Potassium with iodine is a unique aid for the reconstruction of rectum muscles strength.


Two teaspoons of oil No. 9 taken in the morning before food will repair operation of the rectum within 14 days. There will be no more problems with hemorrhoids. It also fixes the functioning of muscles in rectum, that you can keep the stool again. Poor retention of stool is a very common problem in older people. Oil No. 9 is also a good assistance to children with no appetite or difficulties in digesting of dense food. Oil No. 9 will help pregnant women and children to balance naturally the discharge of feces. It is a great help in healing damaged perineum after childbirth.


In older people Oil No. 9 can be the basic nutrient for the good work of stomach to increase their power and energy.

People with diabetes type 1 will help their legs and kidneys with the use of Oil No. 9.

People with diabetes type 2 will give great assistance to their pancreas with the use of oil No 9. in creation of enough lipase.


Warning: If you have a demonstrated allergy to flax do not take Oil No. 9


Manufacturer: As an d.o.o. Celovška c 69/c, 1000 Ljubljana


Period of use: see on the package


Notified as food supplement