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Oil 77 - Best Seller

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Quick Overview

Oil No. 77 has strong anti-inflammatory effects in patients with asthma and works as a mucolitic for the lower and upper respiratory tract.

Product Description

OIL NO. 77

Medical Studies

Main ingredients: Ca: 35 mg/kg, Mg: 26 mg/kg to 22 mg/kg, cymene, Eucalyptol, beta phellardene


Form: fluid, oil, blend of edible, cold pressed, unrefined and unfiltered oils and eucalyptus oil.


Recommended use:

Ten times a day half teaspoons (1ml) for 10 days consecutively.

Proceed 2x daily one teaspon (2ml)


Packaging: 100 ml


Number of units for one month regular use: 2 bottles


Scientifically proven facts:

Oil No. 77 has strong anti-inflammatory effects in patients with asthma and works as a mucolitic for the lower and upper respiratory tract.

Oil No. 77 works also on Antimicrobial mycobacterium tuberculosis, and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria. Also works on viruses and Candida albicans, fungi as well.

Oil No. 77 helps both pus and no-pus respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, on bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD). It is recommended in cases of respiratory diseases, which can impair the infection.

Oil No. 77 may be appropriate for long-term use in the sores of the respiratory, bronchial asthma and other diseases dependent on steroids.

Oil No. 77 acts anti-inflammatory and prevents excessive excretion of mucus in the air ducts.

Oil No. 77 is an effective aid for cancerous patients with necrotic corrosion and disagreeable odor. After four days the smell disappears. It acts anti-inflammatory on malodorous infected fungating neoplastic lesions. In some patients the ulcers have been closing and the forming a new epithelium started. Elimination of unpleasant odor is a benefit for all such patients in facilitation of contacts with friends and relatives.


Place of operation:


Drinking Oil No. 77 ten times (10 x) the daily after a half teaspoons means coercion to lymph to accelerate flows into the blood, and blood flow in veins become faster. The circulation is greatly accelerated and the draining of water is quick and plentiful. This means a very effective help in losing weight.


When drinking Oil No. 77 every hour this will happen in the body:

  • body quickly cools and loses water from intracellular spaces,
  • lymphatic fluids pass into the blood and are cleared,
  • functioning of pancreas and kidney improves which is felt as decreased pressure,
  • pressure in the pancreas is established which means the beginning of the normal flows in the stomach,
  • pressure in cerebellum is increased which means better performance of hypothalamus,
  • legs become cooler,
  • eyesight improves,
  • heartbeat settles,
  • all four lymph ducts are functioning,
  • pains are reduced,
  • veins begin to contract,
  • breathing becomes regulated,
  • acidity of the body starts to diminish.


The second day of use the oil No. 77 characters are even stronger. After 10 days of drinking Oil No. 77 body works optimally. Oil No. 77 restores the lymphatic system. Together with Oil No. 80 makes the top aid for all lymph nodes and lymphatic channels. Oil No. 77 contains a lot of magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium, also plenty of selenium.


One teaspoon of oil releases the lymphatic channels. This means that lymph is propelled and all venous systems are alert. Varicose veins disappear, flows in the arteries increase. Pressures and flows regulate, the body regains power and strength. Lymph nodes clean, swollen walls of lymphatic channels cure. In a few days lymph shrinks, body weight is also reduced from the lesser amount of liquid in the body.


Oil No. 77 helps lymphatic channels to shrink to the normal level. The body does not overheat.


Warning: In case of allergy to eucalyptus do not use this oil.

Producer: As an d.o.o., Celovška c. 69/c, 1000 Ljubljana

Expiry date: See the package

Notified as food supplement.