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Oil 31

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Oil 31 helps to overcome the psychological and emotional stress.

Product Description

OIL no. 31

Main ingredients: linoleic acid is 71.1%, calcium 17.1 mg/kg, zinc 0, 16mg/kg, linalool, linalil acetate,


Form: liquid, oil, a blend of edible, cold pressed, unrefined, unfiltered oils and lavender oil


Recommended use: 3-5 x daily one teaspoon (2 ml)


Packing: 100 ml


Number of units for one month regular use: 2 bottles


Scientifically proven facts:

The main pharmacologically active component of the Oil No. 31 is linalool with the ability to prevent anxiety. There is evidence that The consumption of Oil No. 31 is safe. It has no sedative effects and does not pose a risk for addiction. This oil is an effective alternative to the benzodiazepine for the mitigation of general anxiety symptoms. Oil No. 31 calms the nervous activities and can be used to promote deep and healthy sleep in young men and women not tied to the light. Sleeping time is increased and wake time reduced. However, this effect is stronger in women.


Oil 31 helps to overcome the psychological and emotional stress. Researchers have concluded that Oil No. 31 and linalool, its active ingredient, affect the autonomous transfer of information between neurons and lowers blood pressure through the functioning of the central nervous system and the suprachiasmatic nucleus of hypothalamus.


There is evidence that Oil No. 31 affects the central and peripheral nervous system differently. The results obtained show that Oil No. 31 increases the rate of free radicals captures and reduces the concentration of stress hormone cortisol, which protects the body against oxidative stress. The results show that Oil No. 31 inhibits immediate allergic reactions, with the prevention of release of substances (granules) by mast cells. Mast cells play a key role in the inflammatory process. When activated, a mast cell rapidly releases its characteristic granules and various hormonal mediators into the interstitium. All positive effects do not result from the impact of one of the active substance but as a result of synergic influence of all components in this oil.


Place of operation:

Oil No. 31 contains a lot of zinc and magnesium which are tied to iron. This is the strongest binding the these three elements and they act immediately after ingestion.

Oil No. 31 strongly stimulates the liver which starts to secrete bile on the upper level in a few minutes. Actually, Oil No. 31 forces the liver to function. The liver will work as new at least four ours after ingestion of this oil and is renewed in the same time.

Oil No. 31 contains microelements which are absorbed immediately after ingestion. All essential oils are immediately taking in the lymph system and operate already in the first minutes after ingestion.


A slight pain in the upper abdomen may appear after ingestion of oil and this pain describes the blockage in energy flows. The pain will be released usually in few minutes if one consumes some liquid sweetened with fructose. But, this blockage and pain are not to be taken easily, they describe the energy stalemate and something seriously wrong in the body. More thorough check is highly recommended.

If ingestion of Oil No. 31 causes no pain the body is in good shape.


Oil No. 31 is the oil of wisdom and peace. One teaspoon of Oil No. 31 is an effective aid against hysteria, against stage fright, fear before exams and similar. The use is this oil is completely harmless.


If one takes larger quantities, 5-10 x daily a half teaspoons, the body will settle with no fluctuations of temperature between the liver and intestines. This will result in no overheating of the lungs and head. The abdomen will be normally cool, bile secretion in correct quantities with lot of zinc. Oil No. 31 has very favorable effects on the gall bladder as it is almost always slightly swollen from the hot stomach. With the ingestion of this oil the stomach gets cooler and this affects well the functioning of mucous membranes of bile ducts.


The proper secretion of bile also calms down the pancreas. The pancreas is tied to the bile flow it shrinks and excretes at the same time as the gall bladder.


Oil No. 31 is advised to all who have no longer the gall bladder or had any surgical operation on it.

Oil No. 31 is recommended to all who have poor circulation and digestive disturbances.

Oil No. 31 is particularly good for people who have an elevated amylase level.


Warning: Do not use in case of allergy to lavender


Manufacturer: As an d.o.o. Celovška c. 69/c, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Expiry date: see on the package


Notified as food supplement.