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Mineral Yelow

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Quick Overview

This is a completely natural special solution for strengthening plants forces against diseases and a complete nutrient applied on foliage. (Quantity: 1L)

Product Description

It can be used on any plants, vegetables and crops of all kinds, flowers, shrubs, grasses and fruits and ornamental trees, vines, mushrooms.

Is a perfect treatment for tomatoes.

Is the only mean that can be applied directly on blooms.

Treatment with Mineral™ Yellow makes plants more resistant to mold and fungi in various weather phenomena.

Plants also better tolerated large temperature differences in the nature or temperature stress.

Mineral™ Yellow is effective in restoring and revitalizing the affected plants from dieases and natural disasters (hail, floods). Use a 4% solution, immediately after the injury.

Mineral™ Yellow does not pollute soil, neither is harmful to people and animals.

The plants production with this solution is totally ecological.

Cost of treatment is substantially lower compared to any other solutions.

Yield to cost ratio is absolutely favorable.

Mineral™ Yellow treatment gives equal or better yield as any other treatment.

No withdrawal period!

Spray for prevention once a week, rarely more frequently. Use 2% blend. (One liter of Mineral™ Yellow pour into 50 liters of water.) For cure make 4% blend and apply three times in a row every third day.