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8 direct benefits of ThermoStabilizer™

100% natural

Fast: Results within 1 or 2 months

The reason why this is possible is due to Nano Molecular Nutrients (NMN) technology. Thanks to this technology, molecules are reduced to very small particles. The particles are so small that they can penetrate the cell membranes and as a result be absorbed directly by cells, without having to be broken down first in the digestive system. The digestive system is in effect always challenged by any kind of evident of hidden illness. This has to do with the PH of the stomach acids. Because of the direct absorption of the NMN by the membranes, the digestive system is bypassed, preserving the concentration of the natural minerals, generating faster results.
Thanks to the AMP Blood Analysis it takes just 3 minutes to give you the most elaborated blood analysis - without taking any blood! The results are available immediate. You don’t have to wait several days for the results to be delivered as with traditional blood tests.
Durable: Lasting results
Once the body has restored its balance thanks to the natural minerals, it can keep that balance for as long as people choose to respect that balance. The body does not need more additional minerals to keep the balance. It is repaired for as long the body is not stressed excessively again.
Non Invasive: No needles
Thanks to the Non Invasive Blood Analysis (NIBA) done with an AMP Hemogram Analyser, you will receive a full blood test without the need of sampling blood. Thanks to the use of 5 microprocessors it is possible to give you a full check-up in just 3 minutes. Ideal for people who hate needles. For sure you will be inclined to do more blood tests now.
Comprehensive: information about the state of your whole body
The AMP Hemogram Analyser does a diagnosis of the entire body. You will receive the most complete and analytical insight into the functioning of your body as a whole and its individual glands and organs.
Precise: 117 measurements
The generated information done with an AMP Hemogram Analyser is much more precise than any conventional blood test. 117 parameters are checked in one session. These parameters will identify the source of possible health issues.
Body Friendly: no collateral effects
The Nano Molecular Nutrients (NMN) in the form of oils, used to introduce minerals in your body, are of 100% natural produce. This means that your body will recognise and fully accept the oils without causing any adverse effects. As a direct result the treatment will not generate any discomfort.
Cost friendly: pay less
If you look at the cost of the diagnosis and treatment as a whole, you pay less than with conventional methods. The diagnosis is inexpensive since it is not labour intensive, and the treatment lasts only a few months. When comparing to other treatments, the thermoregulation treatment will take less time and cost significantly less.
Pleasant: non aggressive 
You will be surprised at how mild and smooth the oils are. They are very pleasant to take and therefore perfectly fitted to sustain the treatment. This is an easy treatment that is not at all painful of unpleasant.